Malbec Wine Making Kit For 5 Gallons

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Making your own wine is satisfying and easy.  As long as you ferment great juice, keep everything sanitary, and give it enough time to age (3 months or more for whites, 6 months or more for reds), you will get great wine.

Here at William’s, we have developed our William’s California Wine Kits with this philosophy in mind. Our Kits include 192 ounces of pure California varietal grape concentrate, condensed at temperatures that never exceed 180 degrees F. from Central Valley wine grapes picked at their ripe peak in the late Summer and early Fall. To complement the varietal juice, specially selected dry wine yeast, oak chips, and nutrient are also included as needed. Unlike many wine kits featuring added sugar, this 192 ounces of pure concentrate is all that is needed (except for the yeast and addtives) to produce 5 gallons (24 bottles) of varietal wine.

The Malbec grape is a relative newcomer to California, and the Malbec grapes for this kit are grown in Lodi. Our California Malbec has a rich body, subtle spiciness, and a full flavor than is very forgiving. Best of all, its forgiving nature means it can taste good even 3 months after it is bottled.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.
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Great easy kit

Review by Brendan on 1/27/2012

The Malbec is really good as a young wine. Can't wait to get some age on it. The customer service is excellent and these guys ship really fast.

5 gal. malbec wine kit.

Review by Byron on 6/1/2012

Wine was easy to make and turned out great. Can't say enough about William's customer service-always very friendly and helpful when I have had to call.

Mouthful of Fruit!

Review by Mike on 7/14/2012

This kit is a rockstar. I've been buying from Williams for 6 years now and all of their reds have turned out great. Prior to bulk aging I was a little concerned as it appeared and felt a little thin, but I've just transferred out of my barrel and all I can say is WOW. Medium to full bodied, strong flavors of plum, black cherry and black pepper. Evaporation and topping off my barrel with Williams' Merlot made all the difference. My wife's new favorite and she is a huge Cabernet snob. My only recommendation to this kit is mild exposure to French Oak chips for 1-2 weeks before bottling.


Review by Mark M. on 7/14/2012

Very nice alone and Awesome blended with other reds. Carboy aged 9 months with added medium toast oak beans before bottling made fine wine.

Fantastic Early Red

Review by Ben on 11/26/2012

Bottled our second batch AND built our third batch over this past weekend. 3rd batch of Malbec in 2012. We REALLY like this red as it is of decent quality after 4 months in secondary fermenter, and it just keeps getting better by the week in the bottle. Nice to have a red to enjoy while those requiring more aging like the Pinor Noir do their thing in the basement. The description is dead on, tastes just as it is described. Will probably make 6 batches in 2013!

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Jan 18, 2020 by Ana Luisa Garza

Q: Se necesita agregar bentonita para clarificar, o no es necesario?

A: Bentonite is not needed, with this red wine, you cannot see through it because it so dark red.

Nov 29, 2018 by K. L. Downing

Q: I am interested in purchasing the Malbec kit for my husband. He already has all the necessary equipment, bottles and corks. Are there any yeasts and additives I would also need to buy for this kit, or do they include everything?

A: This kit includes the yeast, oak, and campden tablets as an anti-oxidant. This should be all you need if he has the equipment to make 5 gallons.

Oct 09, 2018 by Chris Johnson

Q: Does the Malbec concentrate require MLF (malolactic fermentation) to ferment properly - Or can I skip this step? Thanks, Chris

A: We have never done this, so we would recommend skipping this, unless you have a particular reason to do this.

Jun 09, 2017 by Chelsea Shrull

Q: Do I need to buy additional bottles to keep the wine in, or is this included?

A: Bottles are not included, you can either salvage your own, or purchase them separately.

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