Drained 5 Gallon Reservoir Wheat Whiskey Barrel

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Have you ever wanted to make a true bourbon barrel stout, or an oak aged barleywine? We now have 5 gallon American Oak bourbon barrels from Reservoir Distilling in Virginia. These are once used barrels which have stored Reservoir's premium craft wheat whiskey for at least 2 years before being drained the first week of September 2019.  These impart a deep whisky/wheat-oak flavor and are perfect for aging your strong ales, and also ideal for sour ales. Barrels are crafted in the USA from oak grown in Virginia. A wood stand is optional. 17.5" long, 13.5" tall, 17.5" tall when on optional stand. Very limited supply. Note, appearance may vary, barrels are either imprinted with the variety or it is handwritten.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Note that wood barrels are imperfect, and may leak when initially filled, particularly if they are not filled within two weeks of receiving. They all have stains on them from seepage, which is normal for all oak spirit barrels.  We do not guarantee against leakage, but leaking barrels can be repaired by rehydration or wood plugs, check YouTube for instructional videos. Always fill a barrel with water and leave for 24 hours before use to check for leaks.

For more information before ordering, open this pdf about barrel preparation, care, leak repair, and storage:  

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Good barrel

Review by mark howe on 3/8/2019

This is a heavy barrel with tight bands. Very heavy whisky smell when bung removed. Remember, always re-hydrate barrel from the outside by soaking entire barrel in warm water. This preserves the whiskey flavor....tightens up the seam...and ensures your aged beer turns our fantastic. In 8 months ask me how my aged beer turned out. I am expecting excellence.

Reservoir Wheat Whiskey Barrel

Review by Clint Larrison on 11/12/2019

Nothing printed on the barrel head as shown in the picture but it did have a stated dump date. Barrel arrived dry so I dumped in 1.25 gallons of bourbon into it to moisten it back up. No leaks and it is currently waiting for a mead to finish clearing out to go into it.

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