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Made from the 100% British spring barley variety Laureate, this high in extract, low in protein malt flour is perfect for grain-on fermentation and distillation in pot stills. High in enzymes, you can use up to 50% flaked corn or rye with this flour and still get good starch conversion. 

When you mash this, you just mix it with water in a ratio of .30 gallons of water to each pound of flour used. It will cause the E4 error to occur in the Mash & Boil, and trigger a dry pot code in the Brewzilla as well. We have not tested this in the Anvil or Grainfather, but we assume results will be similar.  We found that with the Mash & Boil with Pump, it would trigger the error every 15 minutes or so with the pump on, and much more often with the pump off. So be prepared for some work when using this in an electric system.

After mashing, this just gets poured like a soup into your fermenter, and yeast is added. Note that immersion chillers do not work well with this, as the flour soup stops circulation, insulating the cooling coils. So if you use an immersion chiller, you will have to constantly agitate the soup to prevent this from happening.

Click HERE for a pdf from Crisp Malting.

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