Super-Kleer KC™

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This two stage liquid fining is mixed into a  beer, wine, or wash after fermention to clear excess yeast.  Includes Keislosol and Chitosan active ingredients. 2.2 fluid ounces for up to 6 gallons.  Can be used instead of Turbo Clear when using Turbo Carbon to clear distillate.
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Really clears out a ferment

Review by I Brown on 10/25/2019

I used this on a bourbon mash with a lot of corn and it was pretty cloudy after 16 days. Adding this cleared it out in two days so it was really clear.

May 27, 2018 by Gary

Q: I mindlessly added part B first to a sugar wash.... how do I proceed now?

A: If the wash is already fermented, not a problem. You will not get the clarification benefits if you had added A first, but adding B first will result in less settling. You could add A now, and give it about an hour to see if it clears more before transferring to a distilling unit.

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