Turbo Clear Clarifier

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This liquid fining is mixed into a wash after treating any wash with Turbo Carbon, and helps settle both the thick Turbo yeast as well as the Turbo Carbon which has absorbed off flavors. Use in conjunction with Turbo Carbon for best results. Includes Keislosol and Chitosan active ingredients.
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Really clears out a ferment

Review by I Brown on 10/25/2019

I used this on a bourbon mash with a lot of corn and it was pretty cloudy after 16 days. Adding this cleared it out in two days so it was really clear.

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May 27, 2018 by Gary

Q: I mindlessly added part B first to a sugar wash.... how do I proceed now?

A: If the wash is already fermented, not a problem. You will not get the clarification benefits if you had added A first, but adding B first will result in less settling. You could add A now, and give it about an hour to see if it clears more before transferring to a distilling unit.

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