Stirstarter For 1000 To 2000 ml Flasks

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This basic stir plate will dramatically increase the rate of yeast growth in your yeast starter flask. Just put the included magnetic stir bar into the flask, and place it on the plate. Spinning magnets in the plate cause the stir bar to rotate, agitating the yeast starter.

This unit has a 12 volt stir motor, which is controlled by a precision voltage regulator for easy speed adjustment. The RPMs of the drive motor are limited, so the motor will not “throw” the stir bar (unless you turn it up too high or move the starter once it has started), yet it provides enough to get a good vortex going. A low voltage, plug-in wall transformer provides power to the unit. The black plastic case dimensions are 6" x 4" x 2", large enough to accommodate a 2000ml flask (1000ml flask shown above). A Teflon coated 1"stir bar is included (longer bars are not recommended). A “keeper” magnet is also supplied to lock the stir bar in place while the yeast is pitched, so the stir bar won’t end up in your fermenter.

Unlike much more expensive laboratory units, this model is not designed to be used with corrosive chemicals, in wet areas, or with hot items, but it works just fine with yeast.

Average rating 9.58 out of 10 ( based on 50 reviews )

Best darn unit for the price!

Review by Daniel P. on 2/6/2010

Pros: I have been waiting for over a year now to buy a stir starter system but they have always been prohibitively too much money, usually in the 120-180$ range. This little guy works like a champ. It has more than enough power to do the job and I am very pleased with what I got. Thank you WIlliams Brew! You can't get this kind of deal anywhere else. Trust me I've looked.

Cons: The system comes with a 1" by 1 5/16" long stir bar which is a little small for the 2 leter flask so I would recomend getting a longer stir bar.

A Perfect Yeast Starter Companion

Review by Jeffrey on 2/6/2010

Pros: What a great product, I wish I had known about this many years ago. It's rare that such a simple piece of equipment can be so useful and cost so little. I've always been concerned about the preparation of starter worts and the timing to perform a starter days in advance. This simple device, along with the flask, allows me to begin my starter the morning that I intend to brew and it's ready to go when I'm ready to pitch. It even works great without having to wait for the smack packs to swell. In a side by side comparison between two identical starters, the flask on the Stir Starter showed signs of fermentation at least 1.5 hours quicker than the flask that was left alone! The Stir Starter flask had more krausening on top than other flask which had just a few weak patches of krausening at it's peak. The Stir Starter has also helped to reduce my lag time by 75% in most cases ensuring a worry-free beer!

Cons: Makes some noise if it's stirring too fast, but this is only slightly annoying.

Works Well and Affordable

Review by JESSE J. on 2/10/2010

Pros: Cost, simplicity, effectiveness. This product works well and is very affordable compared to other stir plates on the market. So far I've had this product for 2 months and its worked well with no problems.

Cons: None for the money you pay.

great product

Review by Matthew A. on 2/10/2010

Pros: Does what it says on the tin! Great stirrer at a reasonable price.

Cons: I didn't find it sooner.


Review by Shawn on 3/5/2010

Pros: I used this with a 2000ml flask and I have a nice, large, healthy lookin yeast cake after 24 hours. There's no need for a larger stir bar and just keep it on LOW.

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