WLP925 High Pressure Lager

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Used to ferment lager beer in one week. Ferment at room temperature; 62-68°F (17-20°C) under 1.0 bar (14.7 PSI) until final gravity is obtained, generally one week. Lager the beer at 35°F (2°C), 15 PSI, for 3-5 days to condition. Sulfur production is strong the first 2 days, then disappears by day 5.

Used in the White Labs Tasting Room for cream ales. White Labs Brewer Joe Kurowski used this strain in collaboration beers. Here are a few notes from his experience: "It ferments at 60-65°F and the lagering is knocked out within two weeks, with some sulfur production. Otherwise, it is malt forward and clean."

Attenuation: 73.00-82.00
Flocculation: Medium
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (5 - 10%)
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 62.00-68.00° F.
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The first test was good

Review by Will Schmit on 8/11/2018

I have done two tests, The first one was a boring lager, fermented at 65F at 1 BAR for 6 days, cold crashed, and gelatine fined. I kinda screwed up. I put the gelatine in the serving keg, and when I put on the transfer hose, the 1 bar from the serving keg backed up into the fermenter keg. I should have turned on the CO2 when I cold crashed it. As a result, it made the transfer rather turbid, and it took a few days to calm down. In the end, I was drinking lager beer in New Mexico only 9 days after it was grain. My second test is in the keg now, and it looks good. The third test is radical -- I fermented at room temperature !!! that means 80 to 100F (under 1BAR). The taste of the test jar was a bit sulphury, but I expected that. I have to come up with a way to test SG of carbonated tests. All in all the yeast performs as well or better than my favorite (Cry Havoc) when used in a unitank, under 1 BAR, which is what it is designed to do...

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