WLP670 American Farmhouse Blend

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Inspired by local American brewers crafting semi-traditional Belgian-style ales. This blend creates a complex flavor profile with a moderate level ofsourness. It consists of a traditional farmhouseyeast strain and Brettanomyces.Great yeast for farmhouse ales, Saisons, and other Belgian-inspired beers.
Attenuation: 75-82%
Flocculation: Medium
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 68-72°F
Alcohol Tolerance: 5-10%

Always make a starter when using White Labs Yeast

Reviews Provided by White Labs

"Crazy yeast! "
By: Christian
Date: Sept. 25, 2011
Beers brewed: I brewed a Saison and threw in a huge starter from an American Farmhouse Blend yeast cake and I got a bit shocked by the result. After three weeks I've got 89% attenuation. If I left it even longer I'm sure it would have got up even further. Crazy yeast! I can highly recommend this yeast both for the attenuation and taste. Funky, dry, slightly sour and a bit spicy.

" ... asserted its own character "
By: A. Brown
Date: Sept. 5, 2011
Beers brewed: SPF 8 Clone, Marigolden Strong Ale
Comments: A quick-fermenting strain compared to most with wild yeast in the mix, American Farmhouse provides a pleasant and not over-powering funk to the background. I read somewhere that the yeast was developed with Tomme Arthur, so I decided to clone his SPF 8, a New World Saison with rosemary, sweet orange peel, and flambeed raisins. The yeast really allowed all those flavorings to come through but still asserted its own character. Attenuation was great at about 70% actual - dropped from 1060 to 1008 within four weeks. Putting it to a second test, I recently made a strong golden ale (1070) infused with four ounces of marigolds at the end for aroma. Fermentation started quickly, and I look forward to seeing if the strain can handle a bit more alcohol this time. Thanks White Labs!

"Is it normal ... "
By: geoff
Date: Aug. 25, 2011
Beers brewed: farmhouse
Comments: This brew has been in secondary for about a month. Is it normal for it to develop a speckled pellicle? Could be contaminated I suppose.

"It is complemented perfectly by ... "
By: G. Yoder
Date: July 25, 2011
Beers brewed: Saison
Comments: I kept it simple with 100% pilsner malt and a mix of hallertauer, east kent goldings and czech saaz. OG was 1.068. I pitched two vials into a 1600 mL starter at 68 degrees. Initial fermentation was vigorous but only lasted around 2-3 days. The yeast remained in suspension but there was very little, if any, airlock activity. After 9 days the gravity was 1.034. By the end of 3 weeks the gravity dropped to 1.012. This yeast is wonderful! A slightly lengthened primary fermentation is WELL worth the flavors this blend throws. Despite not having being fermented blood warm, the yeast still exhibits that unmistakable traditional saison spiciness. It is complimented perfectly by the brett's barnyard funk. I really hope I can get my hands on some more!

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