Safale S04 Dry Ale Yeast

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A dry ale yeast derived from the Whitbread strain. Popular with ale brewers who use dry yeast. High flocculation, attenuation: 70-75%.

11 gram pack.

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safale 04

Review by Chris Q. on 3/25/2015

I have used this yeast to make several batches of carbonated mead at varying strengths ( between 5 and 10 percent alc.)with great results. Even at the high temps in Hawaii, 80 F. It performed well.

Very consistant fementation

Review by Brian on 3/20/2013

You know exactly what is going to happen. Pitch the yeast, I sprinkle into wort according to instructions, and 8-24 hours you have fermentation. It can be very vigorous. BoTtle conditioning can take a little longer with this one though, so be patient. Great tasting in the end.

I even use it for lagers

Review by Douglas on 3/14/2013

Very clean yeast! I have made several award winning lagers using this yeast. (fermented at low ale temps) Universal clean, a yeast for almost any style.

Excellent in dark beers!

Review by steve t. on 1/23/2012

I've used this yeast in a variety of dark beers with great success. I would recommend this product.

Great Yeast, easy to use

Review by Randy on 1/20/2012

I just started using dry yeast and doubt I will ever use anything else. It is so easy to store and use plus you can't beat the price. I used to reclaim yeast and will never do that again.

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