William's German Gold Extract

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Mashed from 50% German Moravian Pilsner malt, and 50% German Munich malt, for a full-flavored, malty character. This dark golden malt extract is ideal for Vienna and Munich style lagers and alt beers, or any beer requiring an authentic German maltiness.

Approximate SRM color value of 6 pounds of extract dissolved into 5 gallons of water before boiling: 7


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Review by PETER G. on 9/19/2005

Pros: Great malt for brewing Helles. Been using it for many years and love the stuff.

Excellent malt extract!

Review by Stephen V. on 5/20/2009

Pros: The taste is very fresh, I like the blend of malts used, and the bag it is packaged in is easy to work with and store. I use this extract as the base for my annual Oktoberfest beer, and it always comes out delicious.

Cons: For my recipe, the 8 lb. bag is too much, but the 6 lb. bag is too little. Buying extract by the pound would be much nicer and reduce the waste... or maybe I just need to be more creative with the leftovers!

only malt I use for german lagers

Review by GEORGE S. on 2/7/2010

Pros: good malt profile. great size for higher alcohol content. Great price for good German malt extract.

Cons: hard to get all of it out of the bag

Good Stuff

Review by Jim M. on 2/8/2010

Pros: What I really like about Williams malt extract is that they tell you what malts (i.e. munich, pale, pils) they use use and generally tell you in what proportions. Most other brands I've dealt with just tell you a generic name for their extract and not whats actually in their product.

Cons: The bags, I find, are generally more of a hassle than a convenience but very easily workable.

german gold extract

Review by tree frog beer on 5/21/2010

Pros: Easy to use pouches. Excellent malt for water plus malt beer. Try 14# ger. gold ext. 3# corn sugar, cooper and nottingham yeast (1 each) Dry hop with 6 oz fresh cascade hops. 5 Gals gone in a week. Incredible strong, easy to make and DAMN it tastes so good. I'm sold I buy william's malt and no other

Cons: My friends drink all my beer cause its so good

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Feb 15, 2021 by Jason

Q: How many recommended lbs for 6 gallon Whiskey Ferment?

A: Twelve pounds of the extract and two pounds of sugar. You will want to use plenty of yeast and some "Ultra Ferm" (item A79) to avoid a stuck fermentation.

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