William's American Amber Extract

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Our American Amber is mashed from the same Klages and Herrington two-row pale malt we sell to grain brewers and a small amount of 40 Lovibond crystal malt. Ideal when used as a pure malt base for amber pale ale and California Common styles, or as a base to build on when formulating darker beers.  Great for English style bitters and pale ales.

Approximate SRM color value of 6 pounds of extract dissolved into 5 gallons of water before boiling: 10


Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 14 reviews )

Great value. Awesome Liquid Malt Extract.

Review by Mike P on 11/25/2018

I purchased the Williams Brewing American Light LME to brew a hoppy American Brown Ale for the holidays. First time purchasing, but won't be the last. It came it an easy to use and well sealed package at a great value compared to most other suppliers. My brown ale turned out to be very tasty. I will definitely order this and other blends for future brews.

Great product!

Review by Kurtis on 3/27/2018

I thought I'd try this out for a Lagunitas IPA clone brew and it worked perfectly. My recipe called for 8lb of American Light LME and I didn't want to pay over $100 for the recommended LME so I tried Williams American Light LME and it worked well and the beer came out great. I'll continue to buy form Williams.

Not Pale

Review by Richard E Gleason Jr on 4/19/2017

I used a combination of 8 lbs of American Light and 3.3 lbs of pale ale lme to make an IPA. Theoretically, it should have had am SRM of 5.5, but it was more like 20 - way too dark to be called a pale ale. It was much closer to an Amber or Red IPA. Flavor was ok but appearance was not acceptable. Next time I'll try the pilsner lme and hope for something pale looking.

american light malt extract

Review by Jim on 12/22/2016

I have been using this malt for years and it has never disappointed me. It's a great malt and makes really good ale.

great base malt

Review by Michael on 10/26/2015

Basically a 2-row base malt. No adjuncts which is what I wanted. Excellent fermentability. I mean, really nice krausen. The color was light and reminded me of Alexanders pale ale extract which costs a lot more per pound for some reason. The Pilsner malt extract was nice too, but the adjunct of vienna malt added was leaving what I considered a little too much sweetness in the finished beer. I actually added no adjuncts to either of these to make a single malt single hop beer. You can't go wrong with williams malts. A little more expensive in some regard but the quality does seem much better than northern brewer/midwest supplies extracts. Theirs always have way too much adjuncts and the resulting beer is disappointingly too sweet and "unfermented tasting" I don't get that disappointment from williams malts. The bags do suck. I hate the bags they come in and wish they used the plastic bottles like everyone else. It takes a lot of labor to squeegee all that goo out of the bags.

Mar 11, 2021 by Sebastian

Q: How much should I use in a 5 gallon batch to achieve 5% alcohol content?

A: The 6# pouch (Item M06) should get you around 5% ABV depending on the final gravity. The final gravity depends on how well your fermentation goes.

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