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Why Brew at Home?
 If you are like most home brewers, you have a strong appreciation of fine beer, as well as an intrinsic curiosity into how it is made. Why buy a William’s Home Brewery? The quality of the final beer is only as good as the quality and freshness of the ingredients used, and quality brewing is only possible when basic brewing techniques are learned and followed. In addition, easy to use, well-designed equipment helps to make brewing a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Beer is not like wine. It is best when fresh, then deteriorates after 2 to 4 months. One of the great things about home brewing is knowing how fresh the beer is you are drinking. Unlike craft beer with an unknown production date, when you brew a William’s Kit, you can drink it at its prime every time. You will also save money.

Bear Paw IPA Mashing Kit Included
When you order our Home Brewery, we include our Bear Paw IPA, our most popular mashing beer kit. Bear Paw includes freshly crushed pale ale malt, fresh flavoring and aromatic hops, priming sugar, Y11 Safale US-05 Ale Yeast, and illustrated brew-by-number instructions. Every kit has been repeatedly test-brewed in the William’s Brewlab to achieve a perfectly balanced blend of malt and hop flavors, and every kit on the selection list has been chosen because it is easy for beginners to brew who are mashing for the first time.

Instruction & Support
 All William's Kits include brew-by-number kit instructions, as well as full Brewzilla instructions. To help you progress further, purchase of our brewery also gives you access to the William’s Customer Support line (either by phone or email), so you can get your brewing questions answered.

Included Equipment:
Besides the Brewzilla Mashing and Boiling unit, included is a 8 gallon Fermenter, which features a transfer valve, airlock, and precise gallon markers. The included Priming Tank includes a bottling valve with tube attachment that eliminates siphoning and makes bottling (or kegging) easy and fast. A pure copper Wort Chiller is included that fits in the Mash & Boil to cool your wort quickly and efficiently. A 18" plastic stirring spoon is included to help you stir in the carbonating sugar. For the critical measurement which determines when the beer is ready to bottle, our handmade glass hydrometer features 1 degree calibrations for precise, easy to see readings, and includes a glass sample tube. For testing the temperature of the beer, a stainless steel dial thermometer is provided, which includes a calibration nut. In addition, transfer tubing is provided to transfer from your fermenter to the priming tank. To clean your equipment (vital to prevent sour beer), Brewer's Edge Cleanser is included (enough to make 16 gallons of working solution). To clean your bottles, our bottle brush is included.

Needed but not included: 48 twelve ounce beer bottles or equivalent. Salvage your own (any beer bottles without a twist cap will work), or purchase separately. You can also avoid bottling altogether with the purchase of a William's Home Beverage System.
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