1 Lb 400 Lovibond Burnt Belgian Candi Syrup

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This imported Belgian candi syrup has a lovibond rating of 400, and is made from pure Belgian beet sugar. Provides a burnt sugar flavor, which is surprisingly agreeable when used in Stouts and Belgian Dark Strongs. Also used to flavor Whisky Sour cocktails. Use 1/2 to 1 lb. per 5 gallon batch of beer. One pound dissolved in 1 gallon of water yields a starting gravity of 1.032.

 Here is a mashing recipe that shows off the added complexity and depth added by Burnt Belgian Candi. An actual photo of this beer is at right.

 Burnt Syrup Stout (for 5 gallons)

 9 lbs. W63 Crushed British Maris Otter Malt
½ lb. M47 Crushed Roast Barley Malt
½ lb. M54 Crushed Chocolate Malt
1 lb. M43 Crushed 40 Lovibond Crystal Malt
½ lb. W44 Burnt Belgian Candi Syrup
1 oz. H33 Athanam Hop Pellets (boil for 60 minutes)
½ oz. Athanam Hop Pellets (add during last 5 minutes of the boil)
1 swollen pack Wyeast  1037 (our item Y37) Irish Ale Yeast

Mash per you usual method and boil for 1 hour. Add the ½ lb. of Burnt Belgian Candi Syrup during the last 20 minutes of the 1 hour boil.

Starting Gravity: 1.060
Final Gravity: 1.021 or lower

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Pouch ruptured

Review by Kent on 3/26/2015

I wish I could review the product based on beer flavor, but the pouch leaked all over the shelf in my fridge. It was not handled roughly; I must have gotten a package with a seam defect. I did taste it while cleaning up the mess, and it had a wonderfully complex and very slightly acrid flavor. I believe it would make a really tasty stout.

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