10 Lbs. Great Western Distillers Malt

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As you probably know by now, making a bourbon mash is harder than a beer mash due to the fact that bourbon must be at least 51% corn. 
American Distillers High-Enzyme malt is perfect for converting mashes consisting of more than 50% flaked corn into fermentable sugars for fermentation and then distillation. Use up to 75% flaked corn with this in your next bourbon mash, and know you have enough enzymes to convert all the corn starch to sugars.

Color ASBC 1.5 – 2.2
Diastatic Power 260
Extract CG AS IS 75.0
Moisture Max % 5 - 6
Protein Max 12.5 – 14
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The Right Grain

Review by Randy Gailit on 5/4/2022

The GW Distillers Malt really makes a difference over regular barley malts. My efficiency hits 70% on the first run. Will only use this malt for future runs.

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