5 Gallon Drained Whiskey Barrel

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5 Gallon Barrel Cradle
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These freshly drained 5 gallon American Oak charred barrels contained wheat whiskey since 2019 from a leading distillery in Richmond, Virginia. They are perfect for adding whiskey barrel character to any strong beer, particularly stout and porter styles. 

BARRELS ARE IMPERFECT AND REQUIRE MAINTENANCE - These are used wood barrels, and by their nature imperfect. They will have stains and minor visual defects. To avoid leaks please read our barrel preparation instructions by clicking HERE.

Mar 21, 2023 by Bret

Q: What is the best way to remove the bung from the barrel?

A: The wood bung can be tough to remove. First take a small hammer and gently tap around the entire bung in an upward direction. Then tap it side to side in an X pattern the same way. If it is still too hard to remove, get a large pair of channel locks or plyers and twist and pull at the same time. If it still won't come out, drill a small pilot hole and screw in a 2-3" wood screw that is slightly larger than the hole you drilled and leave an inch sticking out. Grab the screw and pull the bung out with some plyers. If you need to drill the bung, replace it with a rubber stopper once you have the wood one removed.

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