5 Gallon Drained Rye Whiskey Barrel

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These freshly drained 5 gallon American Oak charred barrels contained Rye whiskey since 2019 from a leading distillery in Richmond, Virginia. They are perfect for adding whiskey barrel character to any strong beer, particularly stout and porter styles. 

BARRELS ARE IMPERFECT AND REQUIRE MAINTENANCE - These are wood barrels, and by their nature imperfect.  They will have stains and minor visual defects. To avoid leaks please read our barrel preparation instructions by clicking HERE.

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Be warned - 6.5 gallon, not 5 gallon

Review by Jack W on 3/10/2023

Please be advised, fellow brewers, this barrel is not as advertised. It is a 6.5 gallon barrel - it took that much to fill it. With water to check for leaks. That means the 5 gallons of beer I made to put in it will have a gallon and a half of headspace over it, increasing chances of oxidation and infection. Nothing wrong with the barrel per se, but you will want to brew a six gallon batch for it. I sadly learned this too late, having brewed 5 gals before it arrived. I was immediately suspicious when I set it next to my other 5 gallon barrels and it was much larger. You’d think for the extravagant cost of these, they could at least get the sizing right!

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