Gnome Root Beer Extract

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Gnome Soda Extracts are the finest available, for a rich, old-fashioned flavor.   Gnome Soda Extracts are made in small batches in Oregon, and are available in traditional flavors hard to find in commercial sodas. One 4 ounce pouch (and 2.5 pounds of corn sugar or equivalent) will make 2.5 gallons of rich soda using the traditional mix and carbonate method. 

Safety Warning: Gnome Soda Extracts include instructions for carbonating with dry champage yeast. If you bottle condition with champagne yeast, use plastic PET bottles, as glass bottles could explode, causing personal injury. Carbonating with yeast can be unreliable, and some batches may turn out flat, while others can be overcarbonated.

Average rating 8.75 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

Gnome Root beer

Review by GREG A. on 11/26/2007

Pros: This is the best root beer extract I have tried. I make 9 gallons with 4 oz.

Cons: This comes in the worst packaging imaginable. Root beer gets everywhere. Go back to the glass bottles please!

Bad Packaging

Review by James S. on 12/11/2007

Pros: This no doubt is the best on the market.

Cons: No one makes 10 gallons at one time, the glass bottles allowed you to make smaller batches. The new packaging forces you to store the remainder in another bottle, and reduces the safety. Perhaps it would be better to give 4 one ounce packages.

Good Root Beer

Review by Lon Y. on 4/26/2009

Pros: Tasty stuff, everyone has liked it. Traditional root beer flavor. After reading some other reviews, I did not mix it as strong (extract) or as sweet (sugar) as the package directions and it turned out good.

Cons: Sodas take longer to force carbonate than expected (if comparing to beer). I precarbonated half the water (which carbonates quickly) then added the concentrated sugar/extract/water to make the full batch. Some say to crank up the pressure and/or shake the keg but precarbonating the water seemed safer.

wrong recipe

Review by ssgross on 7/19/2010

Pros: Better than rainbow

Cons: don't use the williams instructions above. the package says 1 4oz pouch for 5 gallons, not 2.5.


Review by LAWRENCE on 9/8/2011


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