Whirlfloc T Tablets

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This refined Irish Moss product in tablet form is easy to use - just add one tablet to 5 gallons of wort halfway through the boil. Pack of 25 tablets.
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Review by William on 2/3/2014

I like not needing to measure out Irish moss. Just toss one in each batch and they do the job. Two for strong beers. The cost is reasonable as well.


Review by Thomas on 1/29/2016

I use 1/2 tablet per 5 gallon batch and am content with my beers.


Review by William Presentati on 9/27/2016

I use 1/2 tab per 5 gallon batch (crushed) and my bottle-conditioned unfiltered beers always come out crystal clear. Plus it is fun to add to the end of the boil and watch it foam up like a witch's brew.

Worked Great!!!!

Review by Chris on 1/24/2018

Greatly helped to pricipatate sediment quickly.

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