Keg Land Chillout Mark III Plate Chiller

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This 30 Plate unit will cool 10 gallons of wort to pitching temperature under 10 minutes, depending on wort flow, water flow, and temperature. Ripples up and down each internal plate increase surface area and make this chiller extremely efficient. An excellent choice for gravity feed applications, as this chiller has less restriction than any other plate chiller we sell. Like all plate chillers, it works on a counterflow principle, with the wort and cooling water flowing in opposite directions for the most efficient cooling. Made of stainless steel and copper heat welded together.

The cooling water inlet and outlets are both standard ½" hose barbs, as are the wort inlets and outlets. 12½" long, 3" tall, 3" deep (4.5" deep when you count the inlets and outlet hose barbs as part of the depth).

The Chillout features two M5-.80 thread screw mounting holes on the back so you can mount this powerful chiller just about anywhere.

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Aug 22, 2019 by Erik

Q: Is there a way to hook up quick disconnects to the barbs?

A: It would not be elegant, but you could use a couple inches of J52 tubing, an L74 hose barb quick disconnect fitting, and two D43 hose clamps to make one the barbs into a male snap lock connector.

Jun 28, 2017 by Gerald

Q: Does the wort come into contact with the copper?

A: Yes, it comes in contact with both copper and stainless layers.

Jan 19, 2017 by Chuck

Q: What is the recommended cleaning procedure. Can it be back flushed, soaked and baked for sterilization?

A: We like to backflush and then soak in PBW or Brewers Edge Cleanser, then rinse again. These can require a couple of good rinses to remove all deposits so baking might not be ideal in case there is something left inside. Boiling may be a better option.

Dec 25, 2016 by Paul

Q: Does it matter on Keg King III which barbs I use for Water In and Wort In?

A: No you can use either barb for the water in and wort in.

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