KegLand Modular Counterflow Wort Chiller with Quick Disconnect Hoses

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The best deal we have ever found in a highly efficient counterflow chiller! This 25' pure copper pipe unit features 3/8" hose barbs for  wort and quick disconnect hose fittings for cooling water. It is an extremely efficient chiller, capable of chilling 5 gallon batches in one pass, as long as your cooling water is 60° F. or less. Easier to clean than a plate chiller, and much more efficient than an immersion chiller. This can be pump or gravity fed. 

Connection tubing and fittings are including for cooling water, and the included hose kit attaches to a standard male garden hose thread faucet for the cooling water inlet.  For the wort inlet and outlet, you will need 3/8" inner diameter tubing (not included) like our item J46 (sold per foot).  If you need to adapt 3/8" inner diameter wort tubing to 1/2" inner diameter tubing, see our splicer item G17.

As this is a counterflow chiller, be sure to connect the cooling water inlet to the same end as the cooled wort outlet. 9¾” diameter, 10” tall.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The outer cooling jacket is not designed to withstand high pressure, so do not connect this to your house water pressure without the outlet of the chiller being open.

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Wort chiller

Review by Joe on 2/9/2023

Nice quality! Bought when on sale great bargain! Recommended!

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