1/2" NPT 3 Piece Stainless Ball Valve

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This stainless 3 piece, full port ball valve can be completely dissassembled, and features all food grade materials. A locking sleeve on the handle can be engaged to lock this valve closed if desired. An ideal valve for a brewing pot or a fermenter. 1/2" female NPT threads on both sides. Made from 304 stainless.
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Review by mike on 1/21/2012

these are only way to go! so easy to clean, never knew how much stuff was left inside a ball valve until I started using these valves.

Excellent product

Review by Gregory W. on 7/11/2008

Pros: Well made, sturdy construction

Cons: none

Mar 08, 2017 by Steve Schember

Q: Can I use this with my Brewers Edge 8 Gallon (~7 years old) ? Do I need any additional parts ? I've been running into what I think are valve based infections. Can I disassemble and deep clean my current kettlevalve ? Love your stuff ! thanks Steve

A: For valve based infections, try boiling the valve with the handle off for 10 minutes in water. Yes, you can use this with any pot with a 7/8" hole. You will also need to buy a P81 Weldless Bulkhead to make this work.

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