Stainless Float Ball For 3/8" Tubing

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This 304 grade stainless float ball features a 5/8" interior hole, to perfectly fit our J46 3/8" interior diameter silicone tubing. This ball is 2" in diameter, and the 304 grade stainless it is made of is food safe and will not rust. Used for keeping the end of a sparge water hose from digging into a grain bed.
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No more channeling !

Review by Tom on 8/9/2018

I've been using a 3/8" silicone hose in my mash tun to recirculate through my HERMS coil, but had problems with channeling, and due to that, the grain bed not being set. My efficiency sucked due to the channeling. Bought this and used it last night, and am very happy with the results. While there was a minor amount of channeling where the hose ended, it was contained to a small area and the grain bed was set. My efficiency was > 80%. Note: I recirculate with the pump valve fully open, so there is going to be some channeling no matter what I used.

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Oct 25, 2020 by Smith Lammers

Q: Will this fit through the neck of a regular sanke keg?

A: No, it is too wide.

Jan 19, 2019 by Mark Capone

Q: any luck on a 1/2" version?

A: Thanks for the suggestion, we do not have a 1/2" version at this time.

Feb 04, 2018 by Jeff

Q: Is there any chance you can source one of these for 1/2" OD tubing?

A: At present we do not have these, but we will look into this in the future.

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