Mark II 65 Watt Wort Pump

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The 65 Watt MKII Pump from KegLand is a magnetic drive high temperature pump capable of pumping  hot wort at temperatures of up to 248° F.  It can pump up to 12 gallons per minute, making it perfect for systems too large for the 5 gallon per minute 25 Watt MK11 or the 7 gallon per minute Riptide pump.  The maximum height it can pump is 17’ although gallons per minute will be reduced at higher pumping elevations. 

  The pump head and impeller are constructed of food grade Xarec plastic (very similar to Polysulphone). The magnetic drive acts as a clutch allowing the user to put back pressure on the pump to slow down flow.  Like all magnetic drive wort pumps, it is not self priming - you must flood the pump head before turning on the pump.  The pump has ¾” BSP male fittings on the inlet and outlet, which are compatible with all ¾” female NPT  as well as BSP fittings. The inlet is in the center. Besides Xarec plastic, other wetted interior materials are nitrile and stainless steel.

 The magnetic drive ensures no lubricated bearings are in contact with the liquid at all, so you can be sure there is no chance of any contamination of the liquid being pumped. The pump features a 6' power cord, and a mounting plate for permanent mounting.  The pump is 11” in overall length, and 4½” wide including the mounting plate. The pump head can be mounted at any angle on the pump to fit your application (an optional stainless head, William’s item X69, is also available).   

Shop around and compare, other wort pumps that do 12 gallons per minute and more start at $379.99!

This pump, like all 110 volt items that run in potentially wet areas, should be plugged into a GFI protected outlet for safety.

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amazing power

Review by Chris on 11/12/2018

I did get the metal housing to go with this...I bought it after having it with just the plastic one first. The metal housing allows you to tighten so the seal is better and therefore the pressure and power is stronger. This pump is amazing. I have put 2 npt/triclamp attachments on and now I can hook to all my brewery triclamp hoses. I also have a butterfly valve on the out port of the pump so I can slow down the flow. I am getting about 15 psi through my keg washer and this is as strong as my $2500 pump is at 1/2 power, which is all I need. Amazing power for the value. An on/off switch would be nice but I can make that too.

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Mar 26, 2018 by Steven J Solik

Q: Why don'y you have another option on the website with the stainless head? I think if you have that option more brewers would select the stainless option rather that having to purchase the stainless head and then have the plastic sitting around. Steven

A: Sorry, they come from the manufacturer only with a molded head. The stainless head is currently an accessory only.

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