9" Stainless 5 Gallon Cooler False Bottom

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This 9" concave type 304 stainless false bottom features a 3/8" stainless hose barb (with type 304 stainless attaching nuts) coming out the top for attachment to your cooler or pot valve (via high temperature thermoplastic tubing). Features a ½" dome height to maximize efficiency.This 9" model is custom designed to fit Igloo and Rubbermaid 5 gallon coolers. Order a foot of our J50 3/8" thermoplastic tubing to fit this hose barb.
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Feb 06, 2017 by Jeff

Q: Does this come with pick up tube and a gasket? If not can they be ordered separately?

A: This does NOT come with a gasket and pick up tube and we do not have any that would fit. The ones we sell are for the larger false bottom.

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