Brewmometer Fahrenheit Mashing Thermometer

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The Brewmometer takes a stainless steel dial pot thermometer, and adds a face calibrated for everything from wort chilling to dough-in and protein rest, all the way up to sparge water and boiling. A very handy reference to use when mashing, boiling, or cooling.  Features a 3" probe on the inside, and screws into a standard 1/2" female NPT fitting.

Features a 45° to 220°F. range, 2° calibrations, a tempered glass lens, and a resetting screw, so you can precisely adjust the thermometer for a particular temperature range. Although heat resistant, it should not be allowed to contact open flame or come near open flame.  Fits both 40 and 60 Quart Brew Pots. Made in China.

This shows the back of the Brewmometer, with its 3" probe, calibration screw, and 1/2" male pipe thread.

Average rating 8.83333333333334 out of 10 ( based on 6 reviews )

excellent but consider the flexible version

Review by robert c. on 7/20/2008

Pros: This thermometer worked well. Its easy to read and responsive. I used a 2nd simple probe thermometer and this responded first but gave the same results. Its a beatiful match for the Polarware brewkettle. However, see the con below.

Cons: I boiled 4 gallons of water for a 5 gallon batch, to keep the brewkettle lighter. While this is really a con of the kettle, I suppose, the height of the thermometer was out of the water at the end. I would have bought the flexible mashing thermometer if I had known this. It did do a fairly good job of showing that the wort was cool enough, but obviously the air right above the wort is not the same temp as the wort iteself, requiring a 2nd thermometer for accuracy. Next time I will have to just make a 5 gallon liquid batch to start, or continue to use a 2nd thermometer.


Review by Scott on 1/22/2012

A solid thermometer. Very useful for guiding mash temperatures. All in all, a great product.

Solid thermometer with great (detailed) face

Review by Dean on 6/5/2012

Of several thermometers that I've ordered (for various kettles) this is my favorite so far. The build quality is solid, as expected, and the face provides much more detail than most other thermometers, acting as a handy reference for what temperature range you're trying to hit. The temperature was initially 2 degrees different than the other thermometers, but being able to use a reference thermometer to calibrate it made this a moot point. Great product!


Review by Kurt on 10/18/2013

This is a quality instrument! Very happy with this thermometer. It's very well built and easy to read.

calibrating brewmometer

Review by Jeanie on 4/14/2015

While I haven't yet had a chance to use my new Brewmometer, when I calibrated it against a mercury lab thermometer, I could not get the Brewmmeter to get closer that 5-6 degrees Farenheit to the Lab thermometer at 110 - 120 degrees Farenheit. I expected better, thus the rating of average. I find that at lower temperatures the Brewmometer is closer to the lab thermometer (about 2 degrees off). And I did adjust the calibration screw in the back, but 5-6 degrees was as good as it got. I have to say the discrepancy in the measured temps dampens my enthusiasm for my new gadget considerably. I also find it annoying that once I'd put in this review, I got a message that I had to login to review the product when I tried to submit my original review. That's something of a PITA. William's Brewing responds: We will check into our review function and see if we can find a bug. Thanks for the heads up.

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Jan 12, 2017 by steve

Q: will this fit the 76quart pot

A: Yes, it will fit our Q76 Brewer's Edge 76 Quart BrewKettle.

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