Boilermaker G2 15 Gallon False Bottom (With Boilermaker Purchase)

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This is the unique Blichmann Boilermaker stepped false bottom shown installed in a cut-away pot. This patent-pending button louver false bottom is a hybrid of a perforated screen and a slotted manifold. The result is a false bottom that lets less husk matter through than other designs.

This flat false bottom rests on the stepped bottom of the Boilermaker Brewing Pot, and includes a larger hole for the Boilermaker dip tube to protrude into. An included stainless washer seals the area around the dip tube to prevent husks from getting under the false bottom. This G2 false bottom does not fit the earlier 15 gallon G1 Blichmann Boilermaker pot.

Drop shipped from Indiana - allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, and shipment via Fedex Home Delivery or Fedex Ground are our only shipping options. This special price is only good if you also include a Blichmann Boilermaker on your order.

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