Boilcoil For 20 Gallon Boilermaker (240 Volts) (Actual Cost Shipping Item)

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Boil with electricity instead of gas! This electric BoilCoil kit includes a heater element with all necessary mounting hardware and a 12ft power cable. The unique BoilCoil electric heating element features relatively low density wattage, so wort does not burn on the coil, while still getting the pot to a rolling boil. A dedicated 240 volt circuit (such as those used by electric clothes driers and stoves) is required.

The cable is 10ga for 240V models and is made with a high quality very flexible cable. Each cord has a factory installed plug on each end, so the product is truly plug-and-brew. The heater end of the cable is terminated with a custom molded plug. The other end is terminated with a twist-lock connector: L6-30P for 240V models, and a L5-20P for 120V models. Uses 5000 watts, so this requires a dedicated 30 amp circuit. For safety this 240 volt model must be plugged into a GFCI rated at 30 amps.

This installs in a Blichmann Boilermaker by drilling two 5/8" holes with the included template. Then just put the ends of the coil through the hole, and secure with the included mounting bolts, washers, and plug box (which goes on the outside of the pot). This does not include an on/off switch, so you turn it off by unplugging it. This should never be run dry, or left plugged in for periods exceeding the length of your boil.

 Click to download a dimension and template sheet for the Boilcoil.

Drop shipped from Indiana, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. No air shipment.

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