Mash & Boil Still Lid (for Series 1)

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This stainless lid features a built in silicone seal, and seals tightly to the Mash & Boil lid clips. This has a 47mm hole in the center for attaching a still.  Use with a Condensor (items P34, C05, or C10 sold separately)  to act as a condensing unit. 12.5" overall width.

Or put a #10 stopper with airlock in the hole to convert your Mash & Boil with lid clips into a fermenter (see the thumbnail above).

This also fits Anvil Foundry units. This does not fit the Grainfather or Robobrew. 

Note: This is needed on the original Mash & Boil only. The Series 2 Mash & Boils have lids that convert to distilling lids as standard.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Perfect Fit for Anvil Foundry

Review by Brian Wilbur on 12/6/2021

This fit perfectly on my Anvil Foundry 10.5. It is relatively sturdy and serves its purpose well.


Review by Bobby Lewis on 4/19/2019

I made a adaptor for my standard still condenser and it is great for seven gallon batches and no propane fumes or heat.

Mar 11, 2022 by Theo

Q: How does the quality of distillate using this lid vs using the copper dome? Are they the same or close?

A: They are close, the copper dome helps remove some bitter compounds, but it is a slight effect.

Jan 12, 2021 by Arkadiy K

Q: Hello, I am thinking about using with this with a condenser to capture vapor during boil as I'm brewing inside and someone else in the house is allergic to hops (and generally finds the smell bothersome) and I don't have an exhaust. I have an Anvil 5.5 gal kettle, which is listed as 12" but actual outer lip diameter is closer to 12 3/4", presumably the same diameter as the Foundry 6.5 gal system. I also have the silicone lid seal they provide for the "ferment in a kettle" system.

A: We have never tested this so we cannot safe for sure if this will fit perfectly.

Dec 10, 2020 by Adam

Q: Can this be used during mashing with the pump running? Is the hole in the lid placed so that flow from the pump can recirculate back into the main body of the Mash and Boil without spilling?

A: Yes, the lid hole is positioned so the Mash & Boil Recirculation Arm will pump into the unit without spilling. However, you will have a hard time seeing the water level inside, so this might be awkward.

Feb 26, 2018 by Gerrod

Q: What is the outside diameter of the MASH & BOIL lid?

A: 12¾"

Oct 22, 2017 by Alex Camarota

Q: There appears to be some debate as to whether silicone is safe in a distillation environment where it is being exposed to highly corrosive vapors at high temperatures. Did you look into this before deciding to sell this product?

A: The silicone Gaskets used in the Mash & Boil, Robobrew, and Grainfather distilling lids are made of platinum cured silicone, and are safe for their intended purpose.

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