Mash & Boil Series 1 Replacement Sparge Basket

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Replacement stainless steel sparge basket for the original Brewer's Edge® Mash & Boil and Mash & Boil with Pump. This is 18" high with feet included, and 10.5" in diameter. The handle is removeable.

This fits the Series 2 Mash & Boil, but does not have the extra perforations or redesigned legs of the high flow Series 2 Basket item L25.

Closeout, while limited supplies last.

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Cheaply Made

Review by Dustin H on 4/28/2020

I use my Mash & Boil about once every 3-5 weeks. It’s been a great addition to my home brew set up and I love it. However, this specific piece of equipment is so cheaply made. It has small legs on the bottom that keep the false bottom from sitting on the bottom of the pot. The legs are barely welded on and are made of thin metal. After about 10 months of use, one of the legs broke rendering the entire system useless. I ordered this expensive replacement and after 3 uses some of the welding has already come apart. Why can’t the manufacturer use thicker metal and improve the welding? I’m really disappointed in the overall craftsmanship of the product. William's Brewing Responds: Please call 800-759-6025 or email and we can send you a replacement.

May 20, 2022 by David Ryan

Q: How many pounds of grain can this hold?

A: It can hold 8-16 pounds of crushed grain.

Nov 17, 2021 by Jon

Q: Will the new Series 2 basket work in the Series 1 and will they be made available for sale separately?

A: We do not currently have this as a separate item. We are looking into this, but it will not be until mid 2022.

Oct 24, 2021 by Chris

Q: Will this basket fit inside the Turbo 500 for boiling a mash? From the dimensions you listed I believe it will but not sure on height. Thanks.

A: It might fit, but we don't have a T500 boiler to test it with. The other problem is there is nothing to support the sparge basket while you sparge, so you would need to rig something up. Our "Brew in a Bag" pully system might work. Also the T500 is not suitable for mashing as it is has no temperature control and is designed to only boil. You would need a controller to switch the unit on and off to maintain proper mashing temperature. You would be much better off getting a Mash and Boil for your mashing and boiling and using your T500 as a sparge water heater, turning it off when it reaches sparging temperature.

May 18, 2021 by MB

Q: Does this come with the silicone bumpers on the threaded posts as they do with the full Mash & Boil? BTW, I use mine with a BIAB bag, and find it make this great system even better! Thanks.

A: It does come with those, but they are only there to protect the inside of the Mash and Boil during shipment and can be discarded.

Oct 16, 2019 by Chuck Johnson

Q: Will this fit in a digiboil still

A: The sparge basket will fit in the Digiboil, but the Digiboil lacks the octagon ring at the top that supports the sparge basket. We expect to get the octagon supports late November around the 20th.

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