Mash & Boil Pump

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Replacement pump for the B95 Mash & Boil with Pump. Fits all versions. Includes wiring harness.

Pumps rarely fail (although they can clog), we recommend you have the pump switch tested by a qualified person (see the attached picture) to make sure the pump is getting power before replacing (you may just need a new pump switch).

Basic Troubleshooting Steps:

1. The pump makes noise or buzzes, but no liquid flow - the pump is clogged, probably at the inlet by trub or hop particles. 

2. The pump makes absolutely no noise when you turn it on, and the digital display lights up normally - the pump rocker switch has failed, or the pump has failed. 

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Works Fine

Review by Phill on 10/21/2022

I own a Mash & Boil that I've been using at least twice a month for almost two years now. Unfortunately my basement where I brew flooded last summer. The Mash & Boil actually survived... except for the pump. Eventually got around to replacing it and I remembered how much I missed it. Not going back to manually recirculating ever again. Rating is less for the product itself, more just Williams Brewing and it being available.

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