35L Brewzilla Jacket

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This heavy neoprene jacket features velcro for attaching, and saves energy when using the single wall Robobrew. Fits all Brewzilla 35L models. It also fits the KegLand Digiboil, but it is a tighter fit than the Brewzilla, and you have to pull the neoprene quite hard to get the velcro to attach.
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Robobrew Jacket

Review by Ted Winning on 1/12/2018

Material is good and it works as designed to prevent heat loss from Robobrew. The temperature is more steady when mashing and wort comes to boil quicker, maintaining a stronger boil as well. The only problem I had was caused by a poorly designed layout of where the attaching seam is located. The velcro seam is beneath the recirculation tube and very difficult to attach because of that. There are many other locations where the seam could have been placed for easier attachment.

Robobrew Jacket is Awesome!

Review by Richard Davis on 1/20/2018

I had made an insulated jacket from an exercise mat when we originally received our Robobrew. It worked pretty good. My daughter purchased this jacket as a present and it is even better. The temperature rise and holding exceeds what my homemade one was capable of. Very impressed. Added benefit is the jacket has the Robobrew logo on it and I just love that!!!!! Shipping was quick, love Williams Brewing!!!

Good insulator!

Review by Kip on 2/19/2018

This jacket does a great job of helping keep a constant mash temperature and reduces time to boil while keeping the boil more vigorous. A good, quality neoprene jacket for those who are not very handy at making their own!

Head bottle washer

Review by Steve S on 8/25/2018

Works great. It really helps with heat retention which speeds up boil time. Also found that putting the Robobrew on an dedicated outlet with enough amps really helped speed up boil time.

Jacket is Awesome!

Review by Todd on 2/20/2019

Unfortunately the Robobrew V3 died during first brew (persistent Error E2 as strike water was heating), so I haven't yet fully experienced the awesomeness of the Jacket (the Robobrew was not purchased from William's). Hopefully, that's coming soon, as soon as a get my hands on a non-broken machine.

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Apr 14, 2021 by Mitchell Campbell

Q: This product appears to have updated to the Brewzilla product instead of the Robobrew. Does this still fit the Robobrew Gen 3?

A: Yes

Mar 04, 2021 by Peter O Sildve

Q: Will this fit brewers edge mash & boil?

A: Not very well, and the Mash & Boil has a double wall which provides much more insulation than the Brewzilla single wall boiler.

Nov 23, 2018 by Bob

Q: Will the Insulated Jacket Fit the Robobrew Gen2?

A: Yes

Apr 17, 2018 by Roxanna

Q: Measurements?

A: It is 15 inches tall and fits snugly around the Robobrew which is 13.5 inches across.

Apr 01, 2018 by Reese9885

Q: Does this fit the Robobrew Gen 3?

A: Yes

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