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Digital thermometers are getting better all the time, and this model is one of the best we have seen. Housed in a durable stainless steel case, it features a Quick Tip™ probe (on a 5" stainless probe stem which is 1/8" in diameter) for the fastest response time yet in a digital (8 seconds or less to display the correct temperature).

In addition, it is waterproof and self-calibrating. To calibrate, place it in a crushed ice solution, and press the calibration button. Within seconds, it has calibrated itself to 32° F. (the temperature of a crushed ice and water solution).

It also includes a maximum temperature function, so you can leave it in your fermentation or aging area and have it record the maximum temperature, and a data hold button, so you can lock the reading in low light conditions to read in a brighter area. To save batteries, it shuts off after 10 minutes of use. Temperature range: - 40° F. to 450° F.

This thermometer features a manufacturers 5 year limited guarantee (return it to the address on the back of the package for replacement or repair for 5 years after purchase).

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Self calibrating digital thermometer

Review by chucksbrew on 11/19/2005

Pros: This really does indicate the correct temp in less than 2 seconds. And it is RIGHT ON. Everytime. I should have bought this when I first saw it in the catalog.

Cons: It's $22 with shipping. (It's still worth it.)

themo is great

Review by Luiz E. on 3/8/2008

Pros: gets to temp very quickly

Cons: wish it was longer to fit in my brew pot

My favorite thermometer!

Review by Edward M. on 3/12/2008

Pros: Very Quick and accurate. Responds well to moisture. I like it much better than the white plastic one (KM12).

Cons: None thus far.

nice thermometer, but leaked

Review by Dirk on 7/11/2008

Pros: Measures temperature quickly (stabilizes within about 5 seconds). Much easier to use than a dial thermometer because it is faster and has a number display.

Cons: Mine leaked the first time I used it for brewing. I used it to measure mash & wort temperature, and sprayed it with star-san, but never immersed it. Williams referred me to the manufacturer, and they said they will replace it. Kind of a pita, but I like it enough to where I will just hope that the next one does not leak.

Great Thermometer

Review by Chris L. on 5/28/2009

Pros: Reads temps fast! Easy to use. HOLD button keeps the last temp on display as you move to your notepad. MAX keeps highest recorded temp over a few seconds as you move around your mash bed.

Cons: Small buttons take a little practice to press while reading temps.

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Mar 30, 2017 by joseph

Q: what is the diameter of the probe? trying to find a weldless fitting to attach to my keggle mashtun.

A: The probe is 1/8" in diameter.

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