Stainless Steel Baster

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This stainless steel baster is ideal for taking wort and must samples from fermenters. 18" long, 3/4" diameter, fills a hydrometer jar in 3 to 4 squeezes of the black rubber bulb. Imported.

Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )


Review by william g on 5/14/2011

pros: great size for OG and FG of home brews, easy to sterilize. cons: ??? to shiny ???


Review by Anton on 10/28/2012

Quality material, but after sanitizing & using a few times, I filled it to take a gravity sample and the bulb detached from the stainless steel draw tube falling into the carboy. I drilled out a large cork stopper to fit the stainless tube to use for lifting out of carboy without using the bulb as a handle. I still find it a handy item to own. Easy to clean & sanitize.

Jagged Edges & Rusty

Review by Ryan on 10/20/2015

My baster had jagged edges and was rusty on the end. I contacted customer support (they were excellent & extremely responsive) and the 2nd unit had jagged edges & was rusty as well. Do not recommend. I would never put this in my wort.

Stainless Steel Baster

Review by Ed Janiak on 11/26/2016

Love this thing. Skinny enough to get into any Carboy or Barrel to take samples. Throw into dishwasher to sanitize.

stainless steel...and better than a wine thief

Review by Chris on 6/6/2020

I had a glass wine thief that I was not impressed with. I have been looking for a turkey baster, but didn't want plastic. This is perfect, stainless steel, easily cleaned. It was exactly what I was looking for

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