Dual Scale Refractometer With ATC

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A dual scale refractometer quickly measures how much sugar is in a solution on a both a brix and specific gravity scale. The more sugar in solution, the higher the reading. Just put a few drops of wort or juice on the lens and close the cover. Then look through the eyepiece to read the sugar content in both brix and specific gravity (brix 0-32, specific gravity 1.000 to 1.130). 

A refractometer is not a replacement for a hydrometer, as it cannot easily be used to check the brix or specific gravity of sugar solutions that contain alcohol. To do this with a refractometer, you can use brewing software like BeerSmith*. However, it is ideal for quickly checking initial sugar content, whether in the field when checking the ripeness of grapes, or when mashing to immediately see the specific gravity of the runoff. 

Not all refractometers are the same. The picture at right shows a comparision view at the same camera exposure of our William's Refractometer on the right and a generic refractometer on the left with the same light source.  Note the brighter and larger display made possible by the higher quality optics in the William's Refractometer.

Ours also features automatic temperature compensation, a vision adjustable eyepiece with removeable rubber eye cup, leatherette holster case (for carrying while hiking through the vineyard), cleaning cloth. eyedropper, padded case, calibration screwdriver (calibrate to zero brix/specific gravity by using tap water) and instructions.


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Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 14 reviews )

Handy Device for Quick Fermentation Checks

Review by Sid on 1/24/2014

I got this device after borrowing one from a fellow brewer. To realize the full potential, one needs to use the calibration feature in the BeerSmith software. For quick checks, it's great. For actual checking and computations of Specific Gravity, the calibration is needed. After calibration in BeerSmith, I cross-checked my readings with an hydrometer, and it gave an accurate reading. I am happy with the product. I recommend it.

Should have bought one years ago!

Review by Dave on 1/28/2014

I really enjoy using this refractometer. It is much quicker and easier than filling up a hydrometer tube. The numbers are easy to read, and it is easy to calibrate.

Love it

Review by Andrea on 1/9/2015

We use it every day. Flawless results, easy to use and a must have.

Great for on the fly during the boil!

Review by Ben on 3/1/2015

I found that I have more control with my O.G and am able to do full boils easier. This refractometer allows me to get the full yield from the wort boil and not have to add water to my fermenter before the yeast pitch. As always, Williams delivers quicker from the west coast than vendors only a state away. Excellent customer service!

Great unit at a great price

Review by Leo on 3/1/2015

I used to work in a lab and used these things and this unit comes close to the high quality units we use in a pharmaceutical lab.

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