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After looking at the available brushes on the market, we have had a brush made, featuring a hand-tied tuft of nylon bristles on the end, to thoroughly scrub the otherwise hard to reach (and usually dirty) bottom of the bottle.This brush is 15" long, for bottles up to 12” tall. Made in USA. 

For best results when cleaning bottles with hardened deposits, soak the bottles first for a couple of hours in Brewer's Edge Cleanser or PBW solution.

Average rating 8.91666666666666 out of 10 ( based on 12 reviews )

Buy two!, really!

Review by elpoco_rick on 12/20/2007

Pros: Buy two of these brushes - they've got so many other good uses that if you only have one, it'll always be missing from your bottle cleaning gear.

Cons: Easily abducted by space aliens! (...who else would it be that takes them?)

Beer Bottle Brush

Review by Vincent S. on 7/12/2008

Pros: Perfect size and fit, I'll never throw a discusting bottle away again. Even works well for lefty's...

Cons: Mysteriously migrates to my buddies brew'll need a lock and chain.

Awesome brush

Review by Eric on 2/9/2010

Pros: Works great, i clipped the ring on the end off and attached it to my cordless drill, made bottle cleaning quick and easy.

Cons: I didn't buy two.

Great Brush

Review by Kevin on 6/13/2011

Works perfect. Can't believe I got along without it. Gets bottles super clean.

Only brush that fits

Review by Dr Beer on 8/2/2011

I bought six of these because of paranoia that they might stop making them. This brush fits into 12 and 16 oz bottles perfectly.

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