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After looking at the available brushes on the market, we have had a brush made, featuring a hand-tied tuft of nylon bristles on the end, to thoroughly scrub the otherwise hard to reach (and usually dirty) bottom of the bottle.This brush is 15" long, for bottles up to 12” tall. Made in USA. 

For best results when cleaning bottles with hardened deposits, soak the bottles first for a couple of hours in Brewer's Edge Cleanser or PBW solution.

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Beer Bottle Brush

Review by Jim Lee on 9/2/2019

The brush is tied at the end and about 1.5 inches at the bottom of the bottle is not washed.

Cabin Brewer

Review by Denny on 10/23/2018

Finally! Something that actually cleans the bottom of a bottle and not just the sides!

Good, but...

Review by GBS on 6/28/2017

Strong and looks like it will last, but for beer bottles at least there is an area a little more than an inch that's not cleaned. Hard to explain but with the way the bottom part of the brush always aims down and then fans out on the bottom of the bottle, no matter how you plunge or swirl, that lower part of the bottle never gets touched by bristles.

Bottle brush

Review by Dale on 2/16/2017

Works like a bottle brush I use it to get the scum out of the bottle before I boil them for sanitizing. I haven/t seem to have the problem of it disappearing yet but then my wife doesn't know I have it!!!

Best bottle brush money can buy

Review by William on 9/24/2015

I've bought over a dozen different bottle brushes and this is the best I've found. No complaints, totally worth the extra couple bucks,

Sep 16, 2021 by Jim

Q: Do you still carry the “electric drill” version of the E15 bottle brush? Thanks…

A: Sorry, but we no longer carry that item.

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