1/4" 30 PSI Beer Tubing

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Clear food grade 1/4" inner diameter by 3/8" outer diameter vinyl tubing with a 30 PSI rating, ideal for beer tubing in draft beer systems. More flexible and easier to bend than our heavier D38 60 PSI gas tubing (which can also be used for beer if a thicker wall tubing is desired). Sold per foot. Ideal for longer (over 7') runs of beer tubing.

This tubing has .85 pounds of resistance per foot. What does this mean? It means if you have a 10' beer line of this tubing, you have a total of 8.5 pounds of resistance in the line. Generally, this means setting your PSI on your regulator to the same 8.5 PSI figure will result in good beer flow.

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Cheap for a reason

Review by Tony on 1/15/2018

This stuff smells strong and is hard, not flexible like real beverage tubing. I think the industrial grade PVC tubing sold at big box stores is better quality. Waste of money as i don't feel comfortable using it. Unfortunately i will trash it or use it for waste drainage.

Thin walled tubing

Review by Tom on 3/11/2011

Do not buy this for beverage dispensing. Its not the industry standard for beverage tubing. Spend a couple of extra dollars on the real stuff.

Nov 07, 2018 by Keith Z.

Q: What is the OD?

A: The outer diameter is 0.375" on item number S10.

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