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Compact and rugged. This machined anodized brass unit and a threaded gas ball lock or pin lock fitting will make a compact gas system for all ball and pin lock kegs. Uses 16 gram unthreaded C02 cartridges (2 to 3 per keg) to dispense beer. These cartridges are our item D63 (not included, order separately).  Keep in mind this is a simple injector and not a regulator -  press the brass button down to dispense more C02.

Also accepts common 16 gram threaded cartridges (used in a lot of bicycle tire inflators).

Note: Compressed C02 is dangerous, this should be kept away from children and excessive heat. Do not unscrew the holder when a charged cartridge is in the unit.

Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Nice improvement

Review by Josh on 11/5/2015

Nice solidly made simple charger, it works well and looks like it will last a while.

Writing with hope

Review by Brian on 12/20/2015

I have the predecessor of this item, previously listed as item "Keg Charger, S65". It was just OK. It leaked sometimes, but it did the job and I was generally happy with it. I never reviewed it, but had I done so, it would have gotten 2 stars only due to the leaks. I'm just now ordering this upgraded charger. I'm also ordering item L14 to complete the package. I'll revisit this review and let you all know how it goes in reality after the New Year!!!

Fair price

Review by Steve on 4/25/2017

Great product so far and have used it a couple times. Seems to be far superior to all the predecessors. Love that it takes threaded cartridges and so far no leaks. Seems to be a really good product that should go for the long-haul.

Broke after 2nd Use

Review by Matt on 12/27/2017

I really wanted to like this item and the first time i used it it worked perfectly. The second time I used it the brass knob part of the injector sheared off as I was hand tightening it to the gas disconnect post and high pressure CO2 shot out everywhere and now the item is completely broken and useless. Sorry about this, we are sending a replacement out at no charge today.

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