Paintball 0-12 PSI Brewer's Edge® Mini Regulator

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Take your beer with you when you go to the beach, camping, a game, or to a party. Our Paintball Tank Mini Regulator fits any standard C02 paintball tank (sold and refilled at sporting goods stores) without the need for adapters.

The system is built around a 0-12 psi C02 regulator that features precise adjustment. This is the regulator to choose if you plan on dispensing your beer and want precise dispensing pressure control, and do not plan on carbonating, which requires higher pressures of 15 to 25 PSI.

The flared outlet on the side can be attached to any threaded female ¼" flare fittings, such as our D03 Gas Connector. Change it into a ¼" hose barb if desired by ordering our D66 Barbed Adapter. The regulator is 3 1/8" tall when not attached to a Paintball tank.

The regulator does not include a needed C02 paintball tank. These can be purchased at many large box retailers and sporting goods stores, and can also be filled and refilled at these stores inexpensively. They generally come in sizes ranging from 12 ounce to 24 ounce, with 20 ounces being the most popular.

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Aug 01, 2019 by Bill

Q: Is there an adapter or check valve that can be added so you have a female end that can be screwed into a on the other mini regulators

A: Yes, for a check valve, look at our product L10.If you do not need a check valve, look at our product X60. Both will require a sealing washer, item D87

Jun 21, 2018 by Jay

Q: Hi WB and Fellow Homebrewers, Would you be able to serve a 2.5 gallon keg with ~12oz of CO2 from a paintball tank? Beer would be force-carbed from a larger CO2 tank, of course. Also note that sporting goods store CO2 tanks are often not food-grade!

A: Yes, 12 oz. of C02 is more than enough to dispense 2.5 gallons. Although C02 from sporting goods stores is not technically food grade, in our area, the same gas supplier (and the same grade of bulk C02) is used by gas suppliers to exchange tanks at sporting goods stores, and at bars with C02 beer systems.

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