0-12 PSI Flare Mount Keg Mini Regulator

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Our 0-12 PSI Ball Lock Mini Regulator takes our 74 gram C02 cartridges, which hold enough gas to dispense a carbonated 5 gallon ball-lock keg.

Features a 0-12 psi C02 regulator that features precise adjustment via the calibrated top adjustment knob. Adjustment as low as 2 PSI is possible for precise dispensing and avoidance of the beer gaining carbonation while sitting. This 0-12 PSI model should not be purchased if you plan to force carbonate (pick the 0-30 PSI model D58 instead), only for precise dispensing.  It features a inline stainless check valve between the regulator and the ball lock fitting to protect it from backflowing beer.

This check valve has a 1/4" female beverage flare outlet, to fit any plastic ball or pin lock gas keg connector. If using an Ultimate Growler or stainless ball lock fittings, you will also need to order our item D87 tapered washer to seal the metal-to-metal connection.

The flared outlet on the side that goes to the stainless ball lock fitting can be unscrewed and leaves a 1/8" female NPT port. Into this port you can screw any 1/8" NPT male thread hose barb or threaded outlet (such as our item I80).  

The regulator does not include a pictured cartridge, you will be offered a chance to order these when you put this in your cart. Note that C02 cartridges cannot be shipped by air or express, and cannot be shipped outside the lower 48 states due to aviation and postal regulations.

FOR C02 ONLY: This regulator is designed for use with C02 only, and should not be used with higher pressure argon or nitrogen gas.

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Works well, once leaking is fixed

Review by Michael on 8/25/2017

I really like this regulator. I use it on my 128oz and 5L growlers. It's great having the fine adjustment of the 0-12 psi option. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because the flare fitting leaked where it screwed into the regulator body and bled out my first CO2 cartridge overnight. Once I unscrewed it, cleaned it up and added tefflon tape, it started working perfectly. I would assume that they would leak test them before sending them out, but in the end, I'm very stisfied.

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Aug 06, 2017 by Allan

Q: Whats the specs on the inlet psi? Is it ok to use this with a paintball tank through an adapter?

A: Yes, this regulator is designed for C02, so a C02 paintball tank will not over pressurize it.

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