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The Brewer's Edge® Micro Regulator combines the precision of a Mini Regulator, with the portability of a simple gas injector. Featuring a 0-27 PSI range, precisely adjustable with the calibrated top knob. Best of all, it takes all standard 16 gram threaded and 74 gram threaded C02 cartridges, so you have the choice of a lightweight compact unit with the 16 gram, or a high capacity unit with the 74 gram cartridge. 

With this 0-27 PSI model, you can both dispense and force carbonate. Fits ball-lock kegs and only weighs  ounces. This model is angled so it clears KegLand Mini Kegs.

The flared outlet on the side that goes to the stainless ball lock fitting can be unscrewed and leaves a 1/8" female NPT port. Into this port you can screw any 1/8" NPT male thread hose barb or threaded outlet.

The regulator does not include a pictured cartridge, you will be offered a chance to order these when you put this in your cart. Note that C02 cartridges cannot be shipped by air or express, and cannot be shipped outside the lower 48 states due to aviation and postal regulations.

FOR C02 ONLY: This regulator is designed for use with C02 only, and should not be used with higher pressure argon or nitrogen gas.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

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Amateur fermentar of long duration

Review by Craig on 8/6/2019

Handy little device that helps me with small (2.5 gal) keg. The keg is difficult to seal - but with this device I can add pressure as needed. In hind sight I would appreciate a gauge to know how much pressure I've got, but this is simple and easy to use.

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Jan 02, 2020 by Joe

Q: I have 2.5 gal and 5 gal. kegland kegs. Will this micro regulator fit on the 5 gal kegs too?

A: Yes, it will fit any Ball Lock Keg.

Apr 03, 2019 by Scott

Q: Can I attach a pressure gauge to the regulator? I'll need less than 5 psi for dispensing.

A: No, the Micro Regulator does not have a port for a gauge. You might be able to use our item D62 Mini Regulator attached to our item I51 Gas Ball Lock Connector . You will also need a D87 Concave Washer to seal these two parts.

Nov 06, 2018 by Bill

Q: Hello! The micro regulator came with a Burst Disk Repair Kit, but there is nothing in the instructions on how to install it or when it would be needed. Can you provide directions on how this would be installed?Thanks!

A: Sorry for the confusion. Hold on to this kit, as you may never need it. If you ever find C02 leaking out the side holes of the screw that is stamped 1.8K, you will know your burst disk has failed. Unscrew this screw and install the white nylon disk and the copper burst disk in the same order as the ones in your regulator. That is all there is to it.

Oct 28, 2018 by Steve K

Q: Can you use the standard co2 regulators on these kegs also to dispense only, not force carb

A: Yes, you can use any regulator that has a gas hose and a female gas ball lock fitting on the end, as long as you have optional Ball Lock Lid P07.

Sep 29, 2018 by steve

Q: do you sell adapters or are they available for the d78 micro regulator for 20oz. paintball tanks. just purchased a d78 from you guys along with 30 16 gr. canisters and was curious if the conversion was even possible. tanks !

A: Yes, D79 Micro Regulator Adapter converts your Z78 Mini Keg Regulator into one that accepts Paint Ball tanks. Keep in mind Paint Ball tanks are heavy, and may cause your keg to fall over.

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