Replacement Series 4 Main Power Board

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This main power board is located on the botton left side of the Kegerator (under the white plastic cover) and provides the power for all functions including the fan. Fits KegLand Mark 4 Kegerators. If this is out of stock note that our item I19 also works with a Series 4 KegLand Kegerator, although the mounting holes do not line up correctly.

Are you sure you need a new power board? Click to download power board troubleshooting instructions in pdf format.

Note: This does not fit KegLand Series X Kegerators. See our item I19 for this application.

Dec 26, 2021 by Steve N.

Q: We had a power outage and the breaker likely surged. The display would flash intermittently and I could get the refrigerator to work for a bit. When I tried to adjust the temp or turn on the fan, it would stop responding and flash again. Today, there is no pulse. No sign of power at all. I am pretty sure it is the power board. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

A: The power board is the most likely suspect, as it supplies power to the display board. It is also possible that both boards are bad. See this link for more:

Feb 17, 2021 by horacio

Q: hello, the front display on the Kegland series 4 doesnt turn on , the fan is on but i cant turn it off, if i unplug the power cable and the plug it again to the power , the display turns on, then i can turn off the fan , but after a few seconds the display goes off again and the fan turn on , looks like in not cooling also , but the fan is on al the time, do you think if i change the main power board will help my problem? or is the temperature control circuit board? thanks for your help

A: It could be the power board, but more likely the display board is the first thing to replace, as it controls the fan.

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