Tapered Plastic Gas Dip Tube

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Tapered plastic gas dip tube fits older Firestone kegs and some newer Spartanburg Challenger VI kegs. Replaces old worn out or discolored nylon or plastic gas dip tubes. It does not fit any Cornelius brand kegs. This part is 1.25" long, and has an outer lower tube diameter of .25". It should be used in conjunction with our D67 Dip Tube Sealing O ring.
Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Worked great

Review by Ethan on 7/31/2019

Worked great, fit well!

There are SS AND Plastic Gas Tubes

Review by Browneye on 2/20/2019

The SS ones won't fit in your V1 kegs unless you drill out the hole. With this one no mods required. Standard gas tube o-ring works with it.

Just what I needed

Review by Drew M. on 3/7/2016

I recently rebuild some old kegs I had laying around. Williams brewing was the only place I could find there. I know they have flat rate shipping but come on $7 to send it first class mail when you could have sent it Priority Mail flat rate for $6. So if you are only ordering this item better add to the order to make the flat rate shipping worth it.

Did not fit

Review by Daniel on 8/9/2014

Did not fit my firestone keg.

Fit my Challenger VI perfectly

Review by RH on 5/13/2010

Pros: I was disappointed when I received a very worn Challenger VI from another vendor and found out the cruddy plastic dip tube wasn't a standard (Cornelius) size...and aren't widely available at LHBS's. Ordered two from Williams and they fit perfectly along with the Spartenburg dip tube seal (D67). Glad you guys carry these.

Cons: none that I can think of

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