Four Valve 1/4" Barb Gas Distributor

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This gas distributor (with a machined aluminum billet body) featurs the home brew standard ¼ inlet and outlet hose barbs, so they will fit ¼ interior diameter gas tubing (unlike most distributors which feature 5/16 barbs for commercial beer gas hose).

Great for distributing gas from a single regulator to 4 kegs. Each dispensing valve has a check valve to prevent beer from backing up into the distributor.  On the aluminum billet body, the end opposite the inlet barb is plugged with a ¼" male NPT plug. This can be removed and another brass valve or part like our Q87, D16, or D69 (at left) installed. 10" long.

Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )


Review by Ryan on 9/22/2017

This is a great little addition to a kegging setup with multiple handles. I'm currently using it to carbonate one of my kegs. I've got the pressure set to 40 psi, and only the valve for that keg is on. I'll leave it like that for 24 hours, then lower the pressure, purge, and turn the other valves back on. I haven't used the fourth valve yet, but it seems like it should be useful for connecting a hose to purge things or for a counter pressure bottler. I'm using this with the keg king kegerator. I cut the air line into four pieces, and installed this instead of the t-connectors

4 valve C02 distribution manifold

Review by jeff on 4/13/2017

I bought this to replace my old homemade manifold which was leaky. I bought the item on sale and it was a no brainer as the price was much lower then one would expect for a 4-valve manifold. Even the regular price is lower then most. The 1/4" barbs make it easier to connect tubing (most gas distribution valves use 5/16" barbs so it's one less size tubing to worry about with this unit). I like the way the connection flange is angled to kick the valves out at a 45 degree angle from vertical. Much easier to route your tubing to the kegs that way in a kegerator with limited overhead clearance . Thanks for a nice unit Williams.

OK with some little mods

Review by Nathaniel on 11/10/2016

This unit does what it is supposed to do. My only gripes are as follows. In the WB magazine, it shows the input on the right of the alminum block and a plug on the left. The one i recieved is opposite. This is a pita for my particular setup. Also, the description says that to expand the capacity of the unit, the plug on the end can be removed and a barbed fitting can replace it. This cannot happen easily because the fittings are glued into the aluminum block with what looks like gorilla glue. Im not sure why the fittings were not taped with ptfe tape like a normal gas fitting.. It takes more pressure to break the glue in the fittings free than the soft brass they are made out of can handle. I had to clamp into the fittings with vice grips to break them free. This of course ruined the fittings which I was removing to replace anyways. All in all I am happy with the purchase, but only because i had the tools to modify it with.


Review by Scott on 2/15/2016

I have followed the advice below and the gas manifold works exactly as it should now. I actually called prior to reading it and the customer service rep was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this for both value and quality. William's Brewing Responds: When new, these regulators have one way check valves that are a little stiff. To break them free, turn the PSI on your C02 up to 25 and then open each valve. You will hear them release and then they will work at their intended 4-12 psi

Mar 14, 2017 by Michal

Q: After seeing the one review regarding the gas inlet barb being on the opposite side of what is pictured, is it possible to request the fitting be on the right side when ordering this piece?

A: The fittings are currently on the left side; opposite of the picture. The fittings can be switched by the user as per that review, but it is a little tricky

Mar 10, 2017 by Will

Q: Are these valves compatible with the Keg King regulator?

A: Yes, all you need is a piece of tubing to connect this to the regulator.

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