Five Valve 1/4" Barb Gas Distributor

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This gas distributor (with a machined aluminum billet body) features the home brew standard ¼ inlet and outlet hose barbs, so they will fit ¼ interior diameter gas tubing (unlike most distributors which feature 5/16 barbs for commercial beer gas hose).

Great for distributing gas from a single regulator to 5 kegs. These do not have built in check valves, and must be used with a regulator with an outlet check valve. On the aluminum billet body, the end opposite the inlet barb is plugged with a ¼" male NPT plug. This can be removed and another brass valve or part like our Q87, D16, or D69 (at left) installed. 11.5" long.

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Review by Addison Lippert on 8/30/2018

Very well built product! Haven’t used it yet, but it looks pretty :-)

Nov 29, 2019 by Matt

Q: Will this work with 5/16 ID gas lines?

A: No, the barbs are too small in diameter to seal the 5/16" tubing

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