DuoTight In Line Regulator

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This in line regulator features 1/4" hose barbs that are both 1/4" innner diameter hose and DuoTight compatible (with DuoTight Reducer item Z84), and can be adjusted with a flat head screwdriver. It can reduce incoming pressure from 150 PSI to as low as 8 or 9 PSI. It is very handy to use when you want to use a single output C02 regulator in a draft system, but supply different kegs with different dispensing pressures, for example, carbonating one keg at 25 or 30 PSI and dispensing the other at 9 PSI. 4.75" long with included brass hose barbs installed. For use with gas, not for use with liquid.

Note: To use this with 8mm DuoTight tubing, you will need two DuoTight Reducers item Z84 (not included).

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Excellent for the price point

Review by Chickdog on 7/8/2018

Seems like a good secondary solution. I added one between two manifolds, and put a gauge on the end on the second one. It takes a little time to fine tune the pressure, but does the job.

2 of 4 failed, the screw top broke off

Review by John W on 12/7/2019

I have 4 taps running with 24 psi coming in. I am using 4 of these to vary psi for each beer. The two that failed are both the ones that are running a higher psi into the keg, one sour and one cider. The two running normal psi levels are still in one piece. The part that raises above the regulator with the screw piece to modify the psi level completely broke off and the spring underneath popped off, and one of the plastic disks below the spring came off on one as well. Makes me wonder if I should have just got a secondary regulator... William's Responds: Sorry about this, we will send two replacements out no charge today.

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Sep 19, 2020 by M

Q: Is 8 psi the lowest output this regulator can accurately deliver? I need something that can deliver under 3 psi. Thanks.

A: Yes, it is not suitable for 3 PSI

Dec 27, 2019 by Justin

Q: What are the blue clips for and how should they be used?

A: They lock the inlet and outlet onto the regulator body.

Jan 18, 2019 by Craig

Q: Can we use this with the DuoTight tubing and gauge to make a low cost secondary regulator?

A: Good idea, but the In Line Regulator is not compatible with DuoTight 8mm diameter tubing.

Jul 23, 2018 by Barry

Q: Most gas line is 5/16. Do you have a 5/16 regulator and guage?

A: Either of our regulators will work with 5/16" tubing, but you will need part D08 and D87 to screw on to them. This is a 5/16" barb and washer, that will fit 5/16 tubing (our item E23)

May 29, 2018 by chuck

Q: I have 5/16 ID gas line. Would this inline regulator work with a hose clamp and cranked tight. I would also like to use it with the inline pressure gauge. Current setup uses a 4 way manifold. I would like to control pressure on each line individually.

A: No, 5/16" is a bit too large to seal reliably on 1/4" fittings.

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