5 Lb. Aluminium Co2 Tank

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This new aluminum cylinder will dispense at least 9 five gallon kegs before needing to be charged. 18” tall, 5" diameter, weighs 12 lbs. when charged. This should be secured upright when in use for safety. Shipped uncharged; check with your local welding or fire extinguisher service center for charging information. Made in U.S.A (in New Albany, Mississippi to be exact), these cylinders are individually pressure tested before shipment.

Important: Before ordering, please locate a local fire extinguisher or welding service company that will fill a 5 pound C02 cylinder. This is because some of the larger chain welding gas suppliers will only provide exchange cylinders, and will not fill cylinders they do not own.

Average rating 8.42857142857143 out of 10 ( based on 7 reviews )

Great tank

Review by Daniel H. on 3/3/2007

Pros: Small Lightweight tank. Great for fitting in Refrigerator. Dispened and force carbonated a dozen 5 gallon corney kegs before refilling.

Cons: Seal must be very tight and seated exactly to prevent leaks. Does not come with a valve protector.

Make sure you can refill

Review by masonsjax on 7/31/2009

Pros: The tank is lightweight, and small enough to fit in any kegging setup. Nice to have your own clean aluminum tank if you can get it refilled reasonably.

Cons: Most places you can get co2 do exchanges only, and you're likely to exchange your nice new tank for an old, dirty, heavy, steel one. Call around and make sure you can get it filled. Also, 5lbs can go quicker than you think. Have an extra available, or go for a 20lb tank. The exchange places usually won't take 10lb tanks.

Great Tank

Review by Kevin on 1/26/2012

Pros: Great quality tank. Fits the frig. Cons: Get 2 if you want to retain the tanks for refills. If you get only one you may end up swapping it out for an older tank due to the wait to refill. I found swapping tanks easier, especially since the tank never goes empty when it is not an inconvenience.

CO2 Tank.

Review by Mark Bancroft on 8/12/2018

Quality construction with Williams brewing Info. Exactly what I was expecting.

Good looking tank, with regrets

Review by Kenneth Koenen on 12/29/2018

The tank is very nice looking with glossy appearance and company logo. Here is the problem and it is not a problem with the tank or William's Brewing, it is just something to keep in mind when buying it. When I took it in to have it filled, at two different locations where I live, I was told they don't typically refill, they exchange. With such a nice looking tank, with the logo, I don't want to exchange it and get a used tank, so the turn around to get my tank back is a week. Not William's Brewings fault, just something to keep in mind if you buy a new tank.

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Jan 23, 2019 by Kurt

Q: Is the 5 lb aluminum co2 tank certified. My local gas distributor told me they will not fill tanks that are not up to a certain code or standard rating. Thanks

A: They are made in USA and they are certified as legal to fill with C02, and also hydrotested. We have sold them for years, and never had a customer complain that they could not fill them.

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