Two Gauge Nitrogen Regulator

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This regulator can be used with pure nitrogen for dispensing wine without carbonation or oxidation, or with beer gas (75% nitrogen and 25% C02) for authentic draft Irish stout. Our two-gauge U.S.-made Taprite nitrogen regulator provides a reading of keg dispensing pressure up to 60 psi, as well as an accurate indication of cylinder gas level. This regulator has a special inlet, and can only be attached to nitrogen/beer gas tanks such as our item P90. Use this for dispensing wine, or for dispensing true creamy draft stout with beer gas (75% nitrogen and 25% C02). Turn the center screw to adjust.

Threaded 1/4” outlet fits our D03 Gas Connector or D66 Barbed Adapter (no need to adapt your ¼" gas tubing to fit the 5/16" wide hose barb found on other beer regulators). Includes a safety relief valve, one way check valve, and integral rubber gas cylinder washer.

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