Taprite Twin Gas Regulator

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Featuring two 0-50 PSI regulator bodies, allowing the setting of two dispensing pressures from the same C02 cylinder. This U.S.made Taprite regulator is ideal for applications where you have one low pressure beer (say a traditional bitter) and another higher pressure beverage such as sparkling water. Set the first regulator for 3 PSI for the bitter, and second at 25 PSI to carbonate the water. Features unique pull out knobs to let you adjust the dispensing pressure easily without tools. Pull the knob out to adjust, and press back in to lock the setting. Features 2" diameter rubber diaphragms for precise low pressure adjustments.

 Fits our D03 Gas Connectors or use our D66 Barbed Adapters (two required). Unlike most beer regulators, you do not need to adapt your ¼" gas tubing to fit the 5/16" hose barb standard on many other regulators). Includes twin relief valves, one way check valves, and an integral rubber cylinder washer.

Average rating 7.66666666666667 out of 10 ( based on 6 reviews )

Leaky knob

Review by Andrew on 6/25/2020

This regulator was working great for about three months, then one day began leaking from underneath the red cap on the left side. Slowly drained two of my CO2 tanks before I realized I had a leak. Very frustrating. I guess I need to buy another twin regulator, but I no longer trust this one and would caution others. William's Brewing responds, We are sending you a replacement regulator on Monday 6/29/2020.

Precise and Dependable

Review by Gary on 5/25/2012

I've been using this for my twin keg system for almost a year now and I love the precision, even though I sometimes feel I'm turning the knob too far for a small adjustment in pressure. It is very solid and a great value product.

Good quality product

Review by Kevin on 2/17/2012

This is a commercial regulator set. Very functional and accurate. The guages included calibration stickers. The knobs lock and if not put in the unlock position you could unscrew the regulator cover. I split one regulator to supply two taps for a three tap keggerator. I also spoke with tap-rite directly and was able to get a parts list and order additional parts with little effort.

Great Product

Review by Allen on 1/25/2012

Absolutely lover the knobs on this regulator, don't have to use a screwdriver for this ever again. This is has been great for my three keg set up. I split the line from one regulator so I have two beers at serving pressure while I carb a third one.

Disappointed - Poor Holding of Pressure

Review by Joe on 9/23/2011

Pretty disappointed. The model I have has the knobs for adjustment. After adjusting, the pressure will often fall or rise a few hours later, causing me to always look and adjust - rather then "set and forget".

Jul 23, 2022 by Sandford Roll

Q: Description says it fits "D03 Gas Connectors" but I cannot find that in your inventory. Is there a newer version of D03 you can point me to? Thanks.

A: https://www.williamsbrewing.com/Home-Brewing-Equipment/Kegging-Equipment/Gas-Distribution-Parts/Gas-Connector-Ball-Lock
Cut and paste the above to find our D03 Gas Connector.

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