Keg Beer Faucet Adapter

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Allows beer faucets to be attached to a 1/4" male male flare keg connection fitting. In addition to this fitting, you will need a threaded beer ball lock fitting (like Keg King item B12), a faucet coupling nut (item Q53) and a suitable beer faucet (like Intertap models P05 or P76).  It is also helpful to get a suitable faucet wrench, like Intertap Multitool B38, to tighten the included securing nut.

This is made by Chrome Dispense, and is the only Keg Beer Faucet adapter that also works with Intertap Flow Control faucets.


Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

Great idea!

Review by Brett W. on 5/15/2011

This is a great way to tap a keg without luging around bulky jockey box and looks better than a picnic tap when conected to a Ball-Lock and Perl Faucet.

Does the job

Review by Easan on 7/25/2013

With hardware I already have I can now serve from my 2.5 gallon keg on the go. Would be nice if they sold it with the shank coupling nut.

Great service

Review by James Wright on 11/6/2016

This is exactly what is needed to couple a faucet to a liquid coupler with 1\4" male flair fitting. Makes for a great party dispenser. I made a mistake by not using the recommended faucet nut and had a slight fit issue. The folks at Williams immediately sent the part to correct my problem. It would be impossible to find better service. If there were 6 stars, they would deserve them. Thank you Williams.

Works well

Review by Norm on 4/17/2017

This part looks great and seams solid. (tap on a post option). Originally I bought the adapter only, and the nut did not fit it. Williams discovered this after I had received it. They now only sell the adapter and nut together, so that they will fit every time. Give Williams an A+ for fixing the problem and not having it happen again. So if you order this, it will work. Part is a 4.8 star item, but the service from Williams is 5++ they made it right. When I asked about the nut not fitting, they found one that would, and now I am up and running! They are a great company.

Wrong part

Review by Forrest Jones on 2/14/2018

Surprised to find this nut does not fit my Krome faucet part no C-203. I do not have a faucet that this part fits,

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Jun 22, 2018 by Ben

Q: Does this adapter work with Perlick 650ss flow control faucet?

A: We are not sure, we do not have a Perlick here to test this one.

Jul 21, 2017 by Shawn

Q: Why is it incompatible with flow-control faucets? Do you sell a version that is compatible?

A: These are actually a newer version of the faucet adapter and it DOES work with flow control faucets. I just tested one. Previous versions did not allow the moving parts of the faucet in the back to do a full rotation.

Feb 21, 2017 by Alex

Q: Is this adapter stainless steel?

A: No, this is nickel plated brass

Dec 13, 2016 by Todd

Q: Is this item compatible with INTERTAP FLOW CONTROL STAINLESS FAUCET Item # L04?

A: No these are not compatible.

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