Intertap Stainless Faucet With Stainless Shank

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Assembled with a stainless shank, stainless 3/16" diameter hose nipple,  and Intertap stainless forward-seal faucet head. This forward seal design prevents the faucet from becoming sticky and dry between uses, and is especially good for home brewers who do not draw beer every night.

Includes a 4” threaded stainless shank (7/8” diameter) and 2 threaded flanges, enabling mounting in any wall (usually a refrigerator door) with a thickness of up to 2 5/8”. Includes a barbed stainless nipple for our 3/16” or 1/4" beverage tubing. Pictured black plastic handle is included. Install in a 7/8” hole and attach to your beer hose for draft beer with a professional touch.

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Works great, looks great

Review by Drew on 4/5/2017

Bought this along with the self-closing spring. Had some leaking issues when first installing it and trying it out. After lubing the o-ring and bushing in the tap handle and cycling the valve a few dozen times with no pressure in the line, everything worked just fine. It's now leak free and self-closing like it should be.

Had to have it!

Review by Greg on 11/12/2017

When I saw this tap was self closing, I had to have it. Its nice to be able to leave your tap on and let it fill your class, but folks tend to run over their class, make a mess and waste your beer! So.... enter the Self Closing Intertap! You have to get the spring, which only fits intertap taps. I also got the growler adapter and it works great as well. So glad I got this.. PERFECT!

Had to have it!

Review by Greg on 11/12/2017

I like to be able to leave the tap open to fill a big mug or pitcher, but other folks are not as careful, like at a party, and they spill and waste your beer! SO inter the Self Closing Intertap! You need the spring to make it self closing. And you can tighten the top down if you want to keep it open... But I like having it self closing the best. The thing is well made, solid, and having the ability to change the tip it great. I bought the Growler adapter as well. I had not issues with it what so ever. worked great the first time. I waited to review this, and am now on the second keg. I use a tap cover, black nipple looking thing and it keeps bugs and other things out. The other thing I really like is the forward closing part. It stays much cleaner then the other style taps I have. I already bought a second on with the shorter shank for my tower, and the spring fits in that as well! Great Great Product! Get it you wont be sorry!

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Aug 17, 2017 by Bruno

Q: Hi, What is the total weight of this combo? Thanks a lot.

A: 1 pound and 2 ounces

Feb 28, 2017 by Andrew

Q: What model number is this faucet? Is it the 2nd generation?

A: The model number is 8022-SS-G2 second generation.

Feb 07, 2017 by Andy

Q: Is the shank included the Intertap shank that works with the self-closing spring?

A: Yes, you would just need to buy the spring separately to make it self-closing.

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