Intertap Self Closing Faucet Spring

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This stainless spring converts an Intertap Faucet which is attached to an Intertap Shank to self closing. The wide end installs in the Intertap Shank, and the narrow end fits the Intertap Faucet inner seal, keeping it closed unless pressure is applied to the Intertap Faucet handle.

Works only with Intertap Faucets when installed on Intertap Shanks. When installing this in a Intertap Faucet/Intertap Shank pair, you may need to loosen the bonnet nut a bit on the Intertap Faucet to free it so will move back and forth easily.

Important note: This works with all Intertap Faucets except their Flow Control model. This does not work with any Keg Faucets, only faucets mounted on Intertap brand shanks.

Average rating 9.33333333333334 out of 10 ( based on 12 reviews )

does not close tap- resolved now it works great

Review by Caleb Archambault on 9/25/2016

initially the tap would not close itself no matter what i did to fix it. after leaving a poor review i was contacted by customer service the said that they have never encountered anything like this and after conversing with them I got a spontaneous shipping notification and then a email. they sent me a new faucet free of charge and have followed the shipping back to ask when it was delivered and if it fixed the problem. once i installed the new faucet it works perfectly even closing the tab with a full length tap handle on and no leaking from the bonnet nut. if your thinking about buying a new faucet i would most definitely suggest intertap products from William's a very versatile product and great service

Intertap self closing springs

Review by MVasquez on 1/1/2017

Recently purchased intertap faucets and chose to add the self closing springs. Works extremely well. No issue. Highly recommended.

I bet these are extra great if you have Intertap Faucets

Review by Dan on 1/6/2017

I took a gamble and purchased these for my no name faucets, and well they're too big. On the other hand cutting them about two thirds from the top makes them just right. So yeah, Intertap only.

Doesn't work on large, heavy handles

Review by Jeff on 2/27/2017

I have 7", Chrome "Branding on Demand" handles attached to my Intertap faucets. I bought all Intertap shanks, springs, tips, etc. I loosed the tensioning collar nut as much as I could, and still my tap handles don't auto-close. I'm chalking it up to my handles simply being too heavy. The real kicker is I contacted Intertap directly and asked if they had a stronger or longer spring, and the response I got from them was, "No sorry - you could try using a washer inside to add tension, but we don't use them ourselves so we don't really know how well they work." Heh...

Not sure

Review by Jim on 3/15/2017

I haven't actually poured beer with these yet, but I am dubious. I am using a shank I already owned and mounted the faucet with this spring inside. It took a couple of tried because it simply felt as though the spring was being compressed too much and didn't have much movement. I finally double-checked the images online and went with it. The spring seems kind of weak. With a smaller, aluminum tap handle on it I had to loosen more than I think I should in order to get it to close up. Maybe pressure from the beer will help? In any case, I think that a stiffer spring, and maybe an shorter option for those who don't have the official Intertap shank, would be a better fit. I bought it on a whim, and after checking it out, I doubt I will end up using it. If it were better designed, I can see having it in use in my house, but honestly I suspect it won't work well as it is.

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Oct 26, 2019 by Greg

Q: Is there a spring made for the flow control faucets?

A: No.

Oct 12, 2019 by Bill

Q: How long is this spring? I have a shallow chamber in a 4" Krome shank. Needs to be 5/8 to 3/4" long.

A: It is 2 3/4" long

Jul 13, 2017 by Mike

Q: Does this work with your Q79 faucet adapter?

A: No, only with Intertap Shanks

Apr 17, 2017 by Scott

Q: has anyone tried these with the Intertap Faucet and a different companies shank?

A: Yes, and they do not work. The intertap shanks have a large shallow concave area to fit the spring and other shanks do not.

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